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Miscellaneous Baskets

These unique one-of-a-kind baskets are often displayed
simply as works of art, although many are used for keys,
blankets, magazines, pinecones, mail, napkins...etc.
(see "about the artist" at the end of page)
Each basket is one of a kind. Please inquire about all the
different types and sizes.

Garden Rake Wall Basket

Potato Masher

About the Artist

Appalachian basket maker Janet Morgan lives in the remote hills of West Virginia.
After starting a career making & repairing leather tack, she has spent the
past 3 decades perfecting her basket artistry.Her baskets with various tack items
are for the most part symmetrical, while her one-of-a-kind shed antler
baskets are free-form, which requires a great degree of skill.
Each item is actually made a part of the basket rather than
simply being attached.  Janet's artwork may be
seen exclusively at Freelance Design.

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