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CrainArt Equines

Cathy Crain’s work reflects her life-long fascination with
color, texture and primitive art of many cultures.
Horses are a frequent theme in her work and her
close association, love and respect for them is represented
in a non-traditional form, attempting to capture their humor,
personalities, movement, spirit and beauty in a new light.

CrainArt Horses CrainArt Horse
CrainArt Horse CrainArt Pony
CrainArt Horses CrainArt Horse

Size is 3 ½" x 5 ½" tall 


These wonderful equine creatures are entirely handmade ceramic by
Texas Artist Cathy Crain. Her background in graphic and fine arts
has evolved into becoming a full-time studio artist, whose
work is found in the best galleries across the country.

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