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Sculpted Featherfringe Bags

Nothing matches the luxurious feel of this artist-signed
Deerskin Collection by Vicki Love, with hand-sculpting
and abundant fringe along with unique embellishments!

Featherfringe Bags

Color choices: Caramel, Toast, Chocolate, Black
Embellishments will vary
All are shoulder bags and have adjustable straps.

Sculpted Bags

Colors available: Caramel, Toast, Chocolate, Black

Sculpted Leather Handbags Sculpted Leather Handbags
Caramel shown
Upper -Toast, Lower-Chocolate  

Medium Sculpted

8" X 9"

Large Sculpted

10" X 11"
Features in inside pocket


About The Artist

Tennessee artist, Vicki Love, has been creating in deerskin for more than 30 years.
Today, working along with her daughter, Sasha, her original distinctive designs are
made in only very limited quantities. Vicki's mastery of age-old techniques of
hand-fringing & sculpting deerskin has resulted in these useful and refined
styles of exceptional beauty.


All leather will develop a wonderful patina with age.
The use of oil-based products will always darken any leather.
A damp cloth may be used, along with a water-based leather cleaner, if necessary.
The more absorbent deerskin may be washed with very mild soap & water -
do not wring, squeeze out & let air dry.

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