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Hand Beaded Ponies

This beaded Spirit Pony has been handcrafted as
a tribute to the great horse cultures of the Northern Plains.
Originally, animal fetish amulets were created to watch
over and empower their wearer. Horse effigies were
also a way to honor a pony that holds a special place in
one’s heart. Each of these ponies is made with traditionally
tanned leather and stuffed with either buffalo hair or wool.
The Symbols incorporated into the various ponies
were meant to reflect exploits of horse & rider,
bestowing powers from the Great Spirit upon the pony.  

Hand stitched leather with extensive detailed beading on front, leather on back." The artist embellishes each enchanting pony with manes & tails of horsehair, fur and Buffalo hair.

Hand beaded Ponies

Hand beaded ponies

Hand beaded ponies

hand beaded ponies

Approx. 2 1/2 " plus mane & tail
Colors: sorrel paint, black paint, white, gray, buckskin, appaloosa, chestnut, bay
Each signed original comes with a leather strip to wear or hang anywhere and descriptive card.

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