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Winchester Stoneware

pottery creamers
handmade pottery creamer
approx. 3 1/2 " H
Handmade pottery covered jar
Covered Jar
approx. 7 - 8" wide by 6 - 7 " high
handmade pottery flowered vase
Flower Vase
approx. 10" H
Large handmade pottery bowl with horses
Large Bowl
approx. 9" W x 7" H 

Glass box with crackle glass

Glass box with crackle glass inside

Glass Box

'Glass' Box with crackle glass inside!
approx. 2" - 3" - 4"  


Working from their Western Iowa studio, award-winning
team Mindy & Tony Winchester display their mastery of technique in the
art of creating these most appealing pieces in very durable and
useful stoneware. After each is formed, Mindy uses a freehand
process to apply her own outstanding equine design


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